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Draft Program Overview

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Conference Session Themes

Standard Session Themes:

  • Transport, fate and exposure modelling of chemicals in the environment
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring
  • Metal toxicity and environmental chemistry
  • Bioavailability and toxicity of organic and emerging chemicals
  • Nano-risk research: toxicity of micro pollutants
  • Toxicity of mixtures and multiple stressors
  • Terrestrial ecotoxicology
  • Biomarkers and biosensors
  • Environmental ‘Omics’
  • Emerging ecotoxicological techniques and test methods
  • Advances in analytical chemistry
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Groundwater and salinity issues
  • Human health issues associated with environmental contaminants
  • Pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment
  • Biological monitoring of endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Environmental management

Special Session Themes:

  • Marine and estuarine water quality
  • Marine ecotoxicology
  • The role of natural organic matter in environmental toxicology and chemistry

Science Communication Award

This year, SETAC AU will be formally introducing a new award; the Science Communication Award. This award is open to all conference delegates (excluding the conference organising committee) and will be awarded to the best oral/poster spotlight for science communication.  The presentations will be assessed by members of the conference organising committee who will be taking notes of presentations they attend and will be judging on the following criteria:

  1. Delivery
  2. Content
  3. Engagement
  4. Application/relevance
  5. Novelty of presentation

The winner will be announced at the closing ceremony and will be awarded $350.  Remember, this new award is open to all delegates to encourage new and innovative ways of communicating science so be creative, colourful and different.  Good luck!